Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tumblr in October

Let's go ahead and just accept by now the fact that this may be all you ever get from me. Though, I've been actually doing things and realizing things I want to talk about so I may have to prepare some good rants for you for the next month-ish. For now, though, I present to you: Tumblr in October.
I've still got a thing for the Great Outdoors, and I think that is here to stay. In fact, when I find myself not doing a whole lot, I tend to stare out the window and wonder, "How can I have a life where I just go on adventures, and that's it? How do I go into the mountains/slot canyons/secret lakes/whatever, and just live and die with Nature?"
Probably not so feasible, but a girl can dream.

*I'm unsure on the source of most of these photos, so if you know them, let me know and I'll link the photos up. I followed the watermark on the second photo and found that is it "careless whisper" by Sergiu Cioban. He takes gorgeous portraits and I'm highly impressed with his work. That photo is linked to the photo's page on his blog.


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